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P&C Lucille Seabrooke & Artitic Finish.



Lucille Seabrooke grew up in New York City where she was constantly abused and surrounded by violence. Her three older children had taken to a life of fighting and stealing on the streets of New York and she become all to aware of the hardship of raising her children in New York City. She moved to California in 1986 to escape the horrors and terror that were a persistent plague upon her and her children’s lives. When she learned of her son’s contraction of the AIDS virus she took the news hard. Having already lost her 22 year old daughter, Diane to Acute Asthma, her Husband Arthur, both her parents, Tom and Emma Lee Williams, it seemed as if death was a constant companion and always lurking outside her door. Desperate at the news of her son, she attempted suicide for the fourth time.

While recovering at the UCI Medical Hospital, Denise Hall, a nurse who was attending to her, knelt down beside her and told her of the love Jesus has for her and that He had great plans for her. After her release from the hospital the nurse continued to contact her through cards and letters, always supplying a scripture and her phone number with each communication. Lucille finally called and asked Denise to take her to church. It was there that she heeded the Alter call and finally turned her life over to Jesus.

The songs on this album were written by Lucille in many ways and at different times. Some came during her morning devotionals, others while wheeling down the street or sitting at a bus stop. “He’s Coming Back” came to her as she was crossing the street going to the bus stop and was written on every blank space of bus schedule, the only thing she could find to write on at the time.

Lucille is a survivor of cancer and lives with Ankylosing Spondylitis a genetic disease which ultimately fused the joints of her vertebrae which leaves her in constant pain. But, in her words, “Every time I go through something that seems to over take me, the LORD always comes through loud and clear “TRUST ME LUCILLE” and I do.”

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